Chinese Under English Locale

zh 如何在Fedora英文界面下显示和输入中文 en

This article shows how I installed Chinese support for Fedora under English locale(en_US.UTF-8).

Fonts Installation

Copy the TrueType fonts you want from Microsoft Windows to /usr/share/fonts/windows/. You many find the fonts in Windows' \WINNT\Fonts directory.

Then execute the following commands as root:

cd /usr/share/fonts/windows
ttmkfdir .
cp fonts.scale fonts.dir
chkfontpath --add /usr/share/fonts/windows

Here are the fonts that should be installed

Arial) arial.ttf arialbd.ttf arialbi.ttf ariali.ttf
Courier New) cour.ttf courbi.ttf courbd.ttf couri.ttf
Tahoma) tahoma.ttf tahomabd.ttf
Verdana) verdana.ttf verdanab.ttf verdanai.ttf verdanaz.ttf
GB simsun.ttc simhei.ttf
BIG5 mingliu.ttc
KR batang.ttc gulim.ttc
JP msgothic.ttc msmincho.ttc

Input Method Installation and Configuration


scim documentation

Installation of SCIM on Fedora Core

Scim is now included in Fedora Extras. See for more information on how to use Fedora Extras. (In FC4 and later yum is preconfigured to use extras.)

Once you have yum setup for extras, run as root:

yum install scim


You will also need to install some IMEngine packages.

Currently work is in progress adding these to Fedora Extras, in the mean time you can use the packages in the yum repositories at to obtain IMEngine packages for Fedora Core 3 and 4. Configuring default Input system

If you use Chinese, Japanese or Korean by default on your desktop then after installing the scim package from Fedora Extras it should be the default Input system by default for those languages.

If this is not the case, then you can change you default input method system wide with "system-switch-im", or as a user on a system where system-switch-im is installed:

im-switch -s scim

If you are not able to install "system-switch-im", the equivalent operation is:

mkdir -p ~/.xinput.d
ln -s /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/scim ~/.xinput.d/default

Replace "default" by your locale without encoding (eg "ja_JP" for Japanese, etc), if you only want to use scim by default for desktop sessions in that language.

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