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Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software, intended for anyone making interactive prototypes. With the variety of input and output add-ons, like sensors, indicators, motors and so on, Arduino can provide countless ways to create interactive objects and realize your ideas. It has a variety of hardware extensions and software libraries that enable wired and wireless communication with the Internet. Arduino is thus also the ideal open hardware platform for experimenting with the world of the Internet of Things.

To create more chances for people to learn about charming points of this flexible, open source and relatively cheap microcontroller platform, we (professors and PhDs from universities) are going to hold several 90-minute Arduino workshops during Eindhoven Maker Faire on 29th and 30th, August.


Program and Registration

You can register for any of the following sessions:

Saturday 29 August:

Sunday 30 August:

For each session, we will open 4-8 seats for participants who are beginners or curious about Arduino and interactive projects. The main mission during the session is to understand the technology better and experience the hands-on process through building up interesting and interactive prototypes. (slides)

The 6 sessions will run similar content while in different languages.

No age limit. No requirements on knowledge, skills and experience in programming and electronics. But if you come with a bit of high school physics and some earlier programming experience we can challenge you with some more advanced topics.

If you are interested in our event, or hoping to have your own project someday, you can press the button, register for a session online, and join us for the fun of creativity!

Please register.

You may also sign up on the spot, however whether you can join will be depended on the available seats.


VDMA, Vestdijk 27, 5611 CA Eindhoven

More about Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire:


As the building up process will need a PC for programming and controlling the device, it will be great if you can bring your own laptops to the workshop.

Furthermore, it will be better if you have your own Arduino starter kits and bring it to the event, too.

For people without laptops and starter kits, we will try our best to prepare the devices and tools for you.

Please indicate whether you can bring your own laptops and arduinos.

People involved

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