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Project Introduction

Many commercial music players are very "black-boxish" (even when they are white). They are non-expressive boxes with non-expressive buttons. Consider the Apple iPod. It's a white box with a screen and a rotary disk. It is a beautiful object, beautiful according to the Ulm school of design. It expresses a sort of 1930's elegance. Is this the future of consumer product design? or the past?

Project and Objectives

If these players have to become more expressive, what should they express? And by what means could they make clear how to operate them. In this project you are asked to design a MP3 player that expresses a certain music style.

Gather knowledge and get a feeling on:

Research technology innovation


You are to design individually an MP3 music player. Follow this procedure:

Deliverables are:

Client Information

Ir. Mirjam Peters is an industrial designer. For years she runs her own design company specialising in expressive packaging design. She is also an accomplished teacher at the Industrial Design department of the TU Delft.

List of Available Resources/Experts


Manfred Nitsch

Industrial Design

Joep Frens

Experience Design/ model making

Jiska De Wit

Interaction Design

The Team





Final report

Final presentation

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