Object Oriented Animals




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Assignment Introduction

So you have done Java A and even B. Congratulations. Have you also found that Java offers something that is more than just a programming language? Do you know that Java can also make a dog bark and a cat scared? More, as a designer, you might also be able to make your ingenious design dance and sing? Better, the thinking behind Java may help you think differently.

Target Competency Area(s), Competencies and Level(s)

Entrance Level :Level of Prior Competency Development (Optional)

Completed Java A and B.

Learning Objectives

Master object orientation and design patterns as ways of analyzing user requirements and complex products, as tools for communication with other designers and engineers, not just as a programming principle.

With this assignment, we will try to wrap up your knowledge about Java, or any other object-oriented programming language you know (Java, C++, Object Pascal, Python, Ruby ...), to get the essence of object oriented design, to turn yourself from a craftsman back to a designer: Use object oriented principles as a tool to slice the complex into the simple, and put them together back again in a structured way.

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