My Postscript figure files are bloated

You can usually reduce or eliminate Postscript bloat if you understand your Postscript. Computers cannot understand Postscript well enough to do it automatically, because Postscript, like TeX, is a full-fledged programming language. However, there are several case-by-case solutions:

two Unix utilities can often fix the problem: convert is a bitmap-based image conversion program which is part of the ImageMagick graphics package. It interconverts nearly 100 different image formats, including several kinds of Postscript. eps2eps, which is part of the ghostscript package, converts fancy Postscript to simple Postscript. The output is frequently much shorter than the input, even though it is functionally identical. However, it does not help much with bitmaps.

Here are three possible reasons that your Postscript might be bloated, together with suggested remedies.

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