TSDOM is a commercial software for simulating the signal detected from an explosion in an earth stratum structure, for oil exploration purposes. While interactively drawing the stratum structure and the detector network, the detected signal can be simulated in real time. The signal simulated can be recorded in standard formats, and can be displayed on screen and printed to any printer in de-facto industrial formats.

Unlike most expensive geophysical software that requires at least a Unix Workstation or a super computer, TSDOM is written in C++ and MFC, runs on Windows 95 and up on a cheap PC. No special hardware requirements, but for the performance, faster is always better.

This software is a result of the cooperation with Mr. Youying Shao, a geophysics expert. He proposed the mathematical models, and I designed all the computational algorithms. The software is now owned by Beijing Huachang Software Co., and has been sold to several oil exploration companies in China.

Publications on TSDOM

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