Wizard is a type-checker by Graeme Smith for Object-Z specifications written in LaTeX. The original code is written in C for Unix platforms. I managed to compile it under Cygwin for the windows platform. The binary is available here.


Unzip it anyhere. Add <where you unziped the file>/wizard/bin to your search path for wizard.exe to be called from anyware.

WinEdt Menu item

Options/Menu setup, add an Macro item <Object-Z Type Checker> to Accessories/Windows Accessories, or else where you like.

In Macro, fill in

WinExe('','C:\wizard\bin\wizard.exe "%n%t" ','%p','Object-Z type check',1110,0,'', '', '%N.log'); CMD("Errors...");

(suppose you installed the type checker to C:\

In Requires File Filter, fill in


Select an icon for the type checker if you like to have an shortcut on the toolbar. Set the hint to "Object-Z Type Checker".

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