Join a domain and cache credentials

But changing a registry key will allow you to join a domain and cache credentials thus making MCE2K5 the same as XP SP2 Pro (Retail) w/ Media Center. The problem is this registry key cannot be changed from within Windows. Here are some instructions:

   1. Dual boot into Windows or use Bart's PE
   2. Start Registry Editor, click on HKEY_Local_Machine
   3. Click on File, Load Hive
   4. Select c:\Windows\System32\Config\System file
   5. Give it a name: MCE
   6. Browse to HKEY_Local_Machine\MCE\WPA\MedCtrUpg
   7. Change IsLegacyMCE to 1 (ONE)
   8. Browse to HKEY_Local_Machine\MCE
   9. Click File, Unload Hive
  10. Reboot the PC 

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