A pure form of mind

Assignment Description

Chinese calligraphy has more than four thousand years of history, existing not only as a writing technique for communication, but also a form of art to share the understanding of the being and the value, to convey the thoughts and the emotion, with simple visual language constructions (black and white lines). It is a pure form of mind.

Chinese calligraphic art often used as a decoration object, or a decoration for an object, yet the principles of Chinese calligraphy are also weaved into traditional Chinese designs, found in tools, costume, furniture and architectures. These principles are for example balance and counterbalance, symmetry and asymmetry, motions and pauses, and interconnections.

Target Competency Area(s), Competencies and Level(s)

Entrance Level :Level of Prior Competency Development (Optional)


Learning Objectives

The student should develop the awareness of a different language and culture, and some basic skills of Chinese calligraphicy.

Learning Activities


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Assignor Information

Jun Hu, assistant professor, has a background in mathematics, computer science and user-system interaction. As many of the Chinese calligrapher, he practiced Chinese calligraphy in his spare time for many years, for the fun of it. He is much more successful as an Engineer though.

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