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Designing Intelligence in Interaction

It is the new era of mobile and social computing. The super computers 20 years ago are now in our pockets, being connected all the time and everywhere. Not only people connected by mobile and social computing, things around us are also connected, forming an Internet of Things. It is impossible for almost anyone to ignore these small computers and smart objects in our everyday life, and it is impossible for industrial designers to ignore the design opportunities brought up by them.




  • -none yet-

Learning objectives


Learning activities

The course consists of a series of lectures, focusing on different views on inteligence in interaction: • One • Two • Three

Workshops will be organized, to introduce the topics and related techniques. Homework assignments will be given, to engage the students in the creative use of the techniques learned.


  • Source code;
  • Screenshots, photos or video to show the working application.

List of available reference and or background materials


Video Tutorials

Official site for Android Developers featuring documentation, SDK, Design Guidelines etc.:

*http://developer.android.com (portal)

*http://developer.android.com/resources/browser.html?tag=tutorial (tutorials)

*http://developer.android.com/design/index.html (Design Guidelines)

Information lecturer (assignor)

  • dr. Jun Hu (j.hu@tue.nl). He has a background in computer science and interaction design

  • dr. Mathias Funk (m.funk@tue.nl). He has a background in computer science.

  • dr. Peter Peters (p.j.f.peters@tue.nl). He has a background in computer science and electronics.

To work around this wiki

What is this wiki about?

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