If you have followed the assignment "Creative Programming for Designers", you should have already processing installed.

For this assignment, we will be using the latest Processing, version 1.2.1.

  1. Download Processing.

  2. Notice that we have already a JRE installed for Eclipse, we do not need an extra Java VM. So you may download the version without Java. If you encounter any problem with regard to the JRE or JDK, try to install the standard version instead. You may install processing anywhere on your hard disk, but we would suggest:

  3. Create a directory "Programs" on the C: disk, in the root. If "C:\Programs" exists already, skip this step.
  4. Extract the entire directory to C:\Programs (note, not "C:\Program Files"). if you are reinstalling Processing, remove the entire processing directory first.
  5. For easy access, create a shortcut to processing.exe on your desktop.

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