Processing to Java

/!\ If you want to follow this assignment, you must have followed the Creative Programming for Designers assignment, or you must have equivalent knowledge and skills.

/!\ In this assignment a PC with Windows is required. You might be able to survive with a Mac, but it is not supported.

/!\ The latest description and update are only available at

/!\ Please follow the instructions to install necessary software packages before you come to the first lecture:

  1. InstallJavaRuntimeEnvironment

  2. InstallEclipse

  3. InstallProcessing

You will need the following packages later during the assignment

  1. InstallCreaPro Library for Processing and Arduino

  2. InstallVisualEditorPlugin for Eclipse

  3. Configure Eclipse to include all the necessary libraries.

  4. InstallArduinoSoftware

  5. Upload the IDuino firmware to the Arduino board

You will need the book "Think in Java". Get a free copy of e-book here.

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