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 * List of coaches, students and their bonding [[attachment:studentlist201308.xls]].

Out of Control:TU/e DESIS Lab

History (tdb)


Green Space


Running semester

Next semester


  • Joep Frens (space coordinator)
  • Mathias Funk (theme champ)
  • Bart Hengeveld
  • Jun Hu
  • Caroline Hummels
  • Joachim Karelse
  • Johanna Kint
  • Maurits de Koning
  • Matthias Rauterberg
  • Lucian Reindl
  • Jan Rouvroye
  • Jacques Terken

Past Coaches

  • Lu Yuan
  • Marija Nakevska
  • Heleen van Heel
  • Sander Mulder


Out of Control has gadgeteer hardware available for borrowing out. We have a fairly large collection of main boards and sensor boards available: please consult the list.

Gadgeteer lending policy:

  1. You borrow the hardware through Joep Frens (personally). The hardware is stored at his desk: HG2.57.
  2. To borrow a piece of Gadgeteer Hardware you leave a copy of your student card in place of the hardware you borrow. On this A4 sheet you write (1) what you borrow, (2) when you borrowed it, and (3) when you'll return it.

  3. You are responsible for the hardware that you borrow: if you break it you pay for a new one.
  4. You return the hardware to Joep Frens (personally).

nb. You test the hardware immediately after borrowing it to make sure that it works, if you find it malfunctioning immediately take it up with Joep Frens.


Science Fiction, Design Research, Systems of systems (tbd)

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