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Mechanical Design


Introductory book

A very good introductory book about Mechanical Design for Industrial Designers is:

  • Skakoon J.G., The Elements of Mechanical Design, ASME Press, 2008.

It can be bought at Lucid or lended from the university library.

Mechanical Design presentation

The presentation I give using this book can be found here: The Elements of Mechanical Design presentation

Other good books are:

  • Rosielle P.C.J.N., Constructieprincipes voor het nauwkeurig bewegen en positioneren, dictaat 4C620, TU Eindhoven.
  • Koster M.P., Constructieprincipes voor het nauwkeurig bewegen en positioneren, Uitgeverij Universiteit Twente, 1996.
  • Beitz W., Kuettner K.H., Dubbel Taschenbuch fuer den Maschinenbau, Springer Verlag.
  • Leijendeckers P.H.H.et al., Poly-Technisch Zakboekje, Reed Business Information, 2005.
  • Cross N., Engineering Design Methods, Strategies for Product Design, John Wiley & Sons, 1995.

Rosielle's dictaat and Koster's book are about the principles of Mechanical Design. Both are very good. The first one is much cheaper.

Dubbel is the "bible" of Mechanical Design, Engineering and Manufacturing. It is called a pocket book but it is so complete it does not fit in your pocket anymore.

The book of Leijendeckers is a small book covering a lot of things of engineering in general.

The book of Nigel Cross covers the more general topics about design methodologies. As an Industrial Designer you will recognize a lot of these methodologies.


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