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Mechanical Design

Introductory book

A very good introductory book about Mechanical Design for Industrial Designers is:

  • Skakoon J.G., The Elements of Mechanical Design, ASME Press, 2008.

It can be bought at Lucid or lended from the university library.

Mechanical Design presentation

The presentation I give using this book can be found here: The Elements of Mechanical Design presentation

Other good books are:

  • Koster M.P., Constructieprincipes voor het nauwkeurig bewegen en positioneren, Uitgeverij Universiteit Twente, 1996.
  • Beitz W., Kuettner K.H., Dubbel Taschenbuch fuer den Maschinenbau, Springer Verlag.
  • Leijendeckers P.H.H.et al., Poly-Technisch Zakboekje, Reed Business Information, 2005.
  • Cross N., Engineering Design Methods, Strategies for Product Design, John Wiley & Sons, 1995.

Koster's book is about principles of Mechanical Design.

Dubbel is the "bible" of Mechanical Design, Engineering and Manufacturing. It is called a pocket book but it is so complete it does not fit in your pocket anymore.

The book of Leijendeckers is a small book covering a lot of things of engineering in general.

Nigel Cross covers the more general topics about design methodologies.


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