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Assignment DG292 Cross section Integrating Technology

L. Feijs, J. Frens, P. Peters, W. Chen, M. Funk, G. v.d. Boomen, F. Delbressine

22-04-2013, Mechanical Design & Engineering, an introduction: F. Delbressine

06-05-2013, Sensors & Operational Amplifiers: P. Peters, W. Chen & G.v.d. Boomen

13-05-2013, Lego, sensors & actuators application: P. Peters, W. Chen, G.v.d. Boomen & F. Delbressine

27-05-2013, Arduino programming I: L. Feijs, P. Peters & M. Funk

30-05-2013, Mechanical design, sensors & actuators application: P. Peters, W. Chen, L. Feijs, M. Funk & F. Delbressine

03-06-2013, Challenge 1: All lecturers

06-06-2013, Cardboard Modelling (Workshop): J. Frens

10-06-2013, Arduino programming II: L. Feijs & P. Peters & M. Funk

13-06-2013, Application of Cardboard modelling, Electronics + programming + mechanical design: W. Chen, P. Peters, M. Funk, F. Delbressine

17-06-2013, Grand challenge: All lecturers


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