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So I lost my virginity in a bit of an odd way and I figured this reddit would enjoy it. However, this happened while I was in High School and the girl I lost it to was younger still. I wasnt sure how this reddit would take stories of underaged but totally legal sex. Anyway, for your pleasure:
I was a junior in High School with plenty of handjob experience but no GF ever took it further. I had a blow job or two in the past that ended early or awkwardly but never had sex. Until I met Dallas – name changed
I met Dallas at my job at a local pizza place and wanted her instantly. Short (maybe 54) with blond hair and a tight ass and the perkiest B cup tits I have ever seen. On her small frame they made quite a statement. I knew she was younger than me but it did not stop me from flirting her up pretty hard. I asked a friend who knew her mom how old she was and he said She is like 12 dude I called bullshit. There is no way a 12 year old had tits that nice.
Anyway, after working one night with her – she was brought in to wash dishes and was paid cash from my understanding – and flirting the entire time we ended up kissing a little bit before she left for the night. Over the next couple weeks we met up a few times and talked and kissed but never went further. I did find out after that first night she was in fact a handful of years younger than me and that is all I will say.
One night I asked Dallas to come over to my house for a movie (since my parents were gone) and I came into town to pick her up. When we got home I started the movie – Se7en, the sexiest movie ever, I know – and I swear to you it wasnt 10 minutes into the movie before she was on me kissing me hard and very tongue-y. I was thinking maybe this could heat up to a hand job or some under the shirt play after a bit if I was lucky – remember I had only ever gotten handjobs from steady girlfriends at this point and Dallas and I were definitely not dating.
Thats when her hand started rubbing my dick on the outside of my pants. I had no idea she would move this fast but I was all for it. We were both sitting up but I moved to lay down, but she stayed up and slowly undid my pants first before coming down and laying beside me. She quickly moved her hands inside my pants and her soft small hands worked me in a way that had me going a little too quick. I could feel myself wanting to cum already. This was everything I could have possibly imagine. A cute little blond WANTED me and was completely in control of me – it was hot to say the least.
I had to stop her before I blew my load in my pants. We kissed a bit more to give me a break and in the mean time I had her shirt off and went for her bra. Unfortunately, I had never encountered a front clasp bra and it threw me for a loop. So she got on top of me and showed me how they worked and, still straddling me, she undid her bra and showed me those perky young breasts. They are burned into my memory to this day. The little pink nipples, the way they stood at attention. I explored her breasts hungrily and brought her back down to my side and buried my head between those amazing breasts. She stopped me after a minute and sat up and started to pull down my pants.
I figured, awesome, she is going to unleash my erection and give me a great handjob. Instead she did the hottest thing I had ever experienced in my life up to that point. She crawled down between my legs and started giving me a passionate blowjob. No hesitation, no messing around – just took my dick and went to town. Clearly, she had given more blowjobs than I had received. Also realize, at this point in High School I had to beg for the tentative blow jobs had gotten up to this point. They werent excited about it and they were awkward. This was filipino pussy pics neither.
Her mouth was small and while I wasnt huge, I could feel shaving pussy tumblr her teeth here and there on my dick and instead of hurting it was just driving me crazier. I was enjoying the shit out of this and I knew this was as far as I was going to go with this girl. I just let her continue and I knew I was going to cum soon. Like an ass, I didnt tell her I was going to cum (I didnt want it to stop like my previous BJs) and I just let loose inside her mouth. No gagging, no sputtering, no sudden stop. To this day I have not had a girl take a load so professionally. She kept her pace swallowing through spasm after spasm of cum and kept the up and down motion. I was in heaven.
She did stop after I had started going soft and came up to me and started to kiss me again. I knew I had to return the favor and started by getting her pants off. She had cute cotton panties on underneath and when I took those off I found that she had a very well groomed labia for a girl her age. I started to finger her clit but I could tell she wasnt all that excited by it. I probably sucked at it.
At this point she started to play with my limp dick again and, being 17, it was starting to get going again. At this point I knew I didnt want to lose my virginity to a girl I didnt know, but I really wasnt in the mind set to take control of this situation. She had crawled on top of me at this point and I was thinking – I should stop this I should stop this. Thats when she grabbed my half hard cock and slid it inside her very tight, very wet pussy. I was in it now; no stopping. She started riding me with that tiny body and tiny ass grinding my dick and all I could think was, this is what sex is and how great it felt. Unfortunately, my dick was only at half mast and would not stay hard under her tight grip. After I fell out a couple times she said I dont think this is going to work. Honestly, in hindsight, that was the best thing that could have happened. She was riding bareback with a premature ejaculator and the last thing I needed was to shoot a load inside her.
We kissed some more and finally got dressed. I still feel bad about not giving her the pleasure she gave me, but she didnt seem to be disappointed. The whole time we were getting ready to go she continued to grab and rub and knead my dick. I was amazing to feel so wanted sexually. Its something I will never forget.
I took her home and after that night she went to another city to live with her Dad (my town was only a long Grandma visit over holiday break). I talked a number of times to her again, but never hooked up again. Things got weird and now I actively avoid her when I do see her around town.

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