DBM130 - Designing Intelligence in Interaction

Learning objectives

The mission of the Industrial Design Department at the Eindhoven University of Technology is to perform research on and provide education in: Creating intelligent systems, products, and related services in a societal context. Industrial Design of the future is very much the design of intelligent products. In this course, we introduce several perspectives into the keyword “intelligence”.

We as a group of teachers and researchers are intrigued by the inspiring relation between DESIGN and TECHNOLOGY. The relation works in two directions: Technology inspires Design. Design needs technology, yet design-scaled technology. We as the members of the DI group believe that time is ready for a new design profession where new artifacts are designed which are formless, digital and intangible. Systems, products, and services will be based on large-scale connectivity and behave as Complex Adaptive Systems. Design goals include various types of techno-social sustainability such as social sustainability and digital sustainability. Important design qualities are beauty, comfort, and support of human values. In this vision, "intelligence" can be seen as not only an important "technology" but also an inspiration for the design. In this course "intelligence" is the central theme.


The course consists of two parts

Entrance requirements

Assumed previous knowledge

Programming experience is needed.

Previous knowledge can be gained by



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