AdMoVeo robot

What you get (to loan)

AdMoVeo parts you get to loan

What you need (to buy)

AdMoVeo parts you have to buy

Install the Arduino Board on your Robot

  1. If you have a Diecimila board remove the power selection jumper on the Arduino board, if the jumper is there. You may found it by looking for "PWR_SEL" on the PCB. You don't need to do this step if you have a Duemilanove board.
  2. carefully install the Arduino board onto the robot platform. Pay attention to the orientation. Do not force the Arduino board onto the platform if it does not fit.

Charge the AdMoVeo robot

When the AdMoVeo is fully charged (after 10+ hours) you can continue with the next step.

IDuino firmware for the AdMoVeo robot

  1. see IDuino for Details.

Test the AdMoVeo robot

  1. Download the test program and see whether everything works as expected. see AdMoVeo for details.


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