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 * [[attachment:IDuino.pde|IDuino v1.0]]  * [[attachment:IDuino.pde|IDuino v1.1]]
 * [[attachment:IDuino1.0.pde|IDuino v1.


IDuino is a modified and extended version of Firmata (v1.0). It is the "software brain" of the AdMoVeo robot loaded in the Arduino board.

Uploading IDuino to Arduino or to AdmoVeo

In case you need to reload it, please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you have the Arduino software installed on your PC. see SoftwareEnvironment for details.

  2. Download the latest IDuino sketch: IDuino.pde.

  3. Start the Arduino programming environment.
  4. Load the downloaded sketch in the Arduino programming environment by selecting the menu item "File|Sketchbook|Open".
  5. Compile it by either:
    • pushing the "Verify" button arduino_compile.gif, or

    • Pressing "Ctrl+R", or
    • selecting the menu item "Sketch|Verify/Compile".
    Compiling process should be finished with the message "Done compiling" in the message box of the programming environment.
  6. You need to identify the COM port that the Arduino board or the AdMoVeo robot is connected to. it is better if you start the "Device Manager" of your Windows system first. The quickest way to start it is:

    • Press "Win+R";
    • Run "devmgmt.msc" by copy it or type it into the "Open" box then press "OK".

      devmgmt.png devicemanager.png

    In "Device Manager", expand "Ports (COM&LPT)", and later watch out what is added when you connect the Arduino board or the AdMoVeo robot.

  7. Connect your Arduino board or the AdMoVeo robot to the PC using a USB cable. Switch the robot on if the robot is used instead of just the Arduino board.

  8. Check the newly added COM port. It should be something like "USB Serial Port (COM5)". It could be a different COM port on your computer. Remember the port number. Close the "Device Manager".


  9. In the Arduino programming environment, set the connection serial port accordingly. You may do it by selecting the menu item "Tools|Serial Port|COMn", n is the port number you found out in the previous step.

  10. Now load the IDuino sketch onto the Arduino board or the AdMoVeo robot, by either:

    • pushing the button "Upload to I/O Board" arduino_upload.gif, or

    • selecting the menu item "File|Upload to I/O Board".
  11. In the message box of the Arduino programming environment, you should see "Uploading to I/O Board", and if succeed, then "Done compiling".
  12. If you see any red text in the message box, most likely the USB cable was not connected correctly or the COM port was not set correctly. Check the USB cable and the COM port.

Earlier versions

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