1. Frequently Asked Questions

1.1. Installation

1.1.1. Processing gives a startup error under Vista

If you get an error that "Processing cannot run because it could not create a folder to store your settings", then you should start Processing as ADMINISTRATOR. Right-click on processing.exe and select run as Administrator.

1.2. Processing Language

1.3. Interfacing with other tools

1.3.1. Is it possible to use Processing/Java with Max/msp?

Yes. Check out MaxJavaArduino.

1.4. Mobile Processing

1.4.1. Is it possible to use Processing to program my mobile phone ?

Yes, if your phone can run Java MIDlets. see Mobile Processing.

1.4.2. How to program GPS using Mobile Processing?

That is going to be a bit too long to fit in here. Check out GpsInMobileProcessing.

1.5. Serial communication

1.5.1. When starting my processing sketch it takes forever to establish serial communication. Whats up?

When starting serial communication, all serial ports of your notebook / PC are queried. Some of them (usually the Bluetooth related ones) are quite slow. Uninstalling these ports or disabling them using the device manager of windows will probably solve the problem. Note: not all serial ports are listed in the "Ports (COM & LPT)" section of the device manager. Some of them could be under e.g. "Modems"...

1.6. Programming AdMoVeo

1.6.1. When running a program I get the error message: gnu.io.PortInUseException: Unknown Application _at gnu.io.CommPortIdentifier.open(CommPortIdentifier.java:354)

When you create an instance of the AdMoVeo class in the "void setup" before calling the function "size(x,y)" this error message can appear. To solve this place the line with the "size()" function as first thing in your "void setup".

For example:

   1 void setup{
   2   size(400,400);
   3   admoveo = new AdMoVeo(this, "COM5");
   4 }

You may wonder what the reason is behind this. In the Processing reference it states "Defines the dimension of the display window in units of pixels. The size() function must be the first line in setup().". Apparently size() does not only "size". it has some surprising and mysterious hiden functions. It is also irony to be seen as a bug in user's code if size() is not the first line in setup().

1.6.2. my wireless communication doesn't work

1.7. Other Questions

1.7.1. Ah? I don't get it

Alright. Try to read it again. Follow the instruction carefully.

1.7.2. I still don't get it

That is fine. Bring the question to student assistants. The student assistants will help you out, or they will bring your questions to the lecturers.

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