Creative Apps 201611 (Work in progress)

1. Planning

2. Session 1

3. Session 2

4. Session 3

5. Session 4

6. Session 5

7. Session 6

8. Session 7

9. Session 8

10. Deliverables

The processing deliverable should run on a phone or simulator, and use one or more of the explained technologies of the lectures. The XDK deliverable should run on a phone, use sensor data and e web service (API).

In both cases, of course the complexity of the app and the use of more presented technologies will determine the final grade, especially excellent grades.

11. Installation

11.1. Processing installation

11.2. Intel XDK Installation

12. Rubrics

13. Retake

In case you are doing the retake, you have to submit both deliverables named: CA_Retake_Deliverables_<Your Name>.zip.