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  * For LocalStorage: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_webstorage.asp   * For Local Storage: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_webstorage.asp
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  * Persistent Data: LocalStorage and Firebase   * Persistent Data: Local Storage and Firebase
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  * Persistent Data: LocalStorage and Firebase   * Persistent Data: Local Storage and Firebase

Creative Apps 201611 (Work in progress)

1. Planning

  • schedule.jpg

  • Session 1: Installation Processing with Android Mode, initial programming for Android, sensors.
  • Session 2: Networking, API use.
  • Session 3: IoT.
  • Session 4: Hybrid Apps (Hello World and UI)
  • Session 5: Hybrid Apps (Working with sensors)
  • Session 6: Hybrid Apps (Working with web services)

2. Session 1

  • Presentations
  • Code
  • Practice
    • If you have no experience with Processing, you are advised to follow GetStartedWithProcessing.pdf to learn the basics (password protected PDF. if you need the password, send p.j.f.peters(at)tue.nl an email);

    • Try out some examples from the Processing programming environment, to see how these examples would behave on the emulator or on your Android phone.
    • Create full screen visual art on Android, using Processing. See below some examples. (To get inspired, you may want to have a look at http://openprocessing.org)

    • Try out some examples using the Ketai library on the emulator or on your Android phone.
    • Create an Android app, display "Hello Eindhoven" in the center of the screen.

3. Session 2

4. Session 3

  • Presentations
  • Code
  • Homework and deliverables
    • Create an interactive app with some GUI and API and/or database access.
    • What to be delivered (as one single ZIP file)
      • source code
      • screen copy of the output
      • video on youtube

5. Session 4

6. Session 5

7. Session 6

8. Session 7

9. Deliverables

  • In session 3 and 7 an assignment will be given to be delivered. Expected deliverables are: source code and link to screen cast of output in a .zip file.
  • .zip file name: CA_Deliverable_<deliverable number>_<Your Name>.zip (so e.g. CA_Deliverable_1_John_Doe.zip for deliverable 1)

  • Deadline for deliverable 1 is January 9
  • Deadline for deliverable 2 is January 27
  • Each deliverable to be submitted to CreativeAppsDeliverables@gmail.com

10. Installation

10.1. Processing installation

  • See sheets of week 1

10.2. Intel XDK Installation

11. Rubrics

  • rubrics.jpg

12. Retake

In case you are doing the retake, you have to submit both deliverables named: CA_Retake_Deliverables_<Your Name>.zip.

  • You can resubmit the deliverables you already submitted before.

  • In any case mention in the mail whether the deliverable is a resubmission or if it is a new one.

  • All deliverables have to be submitted before (to be defined).


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