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== Description in Oase ==
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This assignment introduces the basics of electrical engineering, electronics, sensors and actuators. Besides that, it enables you to develop practical skills as for designing, building and testing design prototypes integrated with electronics, sensors, actuators and communication by working on several practical assignments and a self-defined final project.

This is a new-style large ("double") assignment for the Bachelor College. Creative Electronics belongs to the competency area: Integrating Technology (being able to explore, prototype, create, and demonstrate innovative concepts and experiences using technology, as well as analyzing the technical and economic feasibility of complex designs in which technology is integrated; moreover, one needs to understand scientific writings and to be able to communicate with engineers and researchers of other disciplines.)

Having finished this assignment you will be able to understand how simple elementary electrical and electronic circuits work. You will know how to apply sensors and actuators, and how to combine these electronic circuits with the power of a microprocessor. Furthermore you will have the skills to design your own system, set-up the required calculations and verify the performance of it by doing the appropriate electrical measurements. The goal is to empower you to make experiential design prototypes with sensors, electrical actuators, and practical communication links.

Read the lastest assignment description on OASE [[http://www.onderwijs.tue.nl/Activiteiten/Pages/Informatie.aspx?coursecode=DG291&educationyear=2014&educationActivityInstanceId=cd0e3a1c-2a48-4629-ae68-c4534d551c2d|here]]

Description in Oase

Welcome to Creative Electronics.

Read the lastest assignment description on OASE here

Number of Students


Learning Activities

The learning activities include: Power sources, Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Ohm's Law, Kirchof's Laws, Norton, Thevenin, Diodes, Leds, Transistor as a switch, Opamp basics, Comparators, Digital electronics, Sensors & Actuators, Arduino, Drawing circuits, Building prototypes, Measurement equipment and techniques.


  • Weekly exercises.
  • An attractive report on the practical assignments, half-way the assignment.
  • A working central heating prototype.
  • A working prototype of a mini-project of your choice.
  • Good attitude and effort.



The Creative Electronics reader



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