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Read the lastest assignment description on OASE [[http://www.onderwijs.tue.nl/Activiteiten/Pages/Informatie.aspx?coursecode=DG291&educationyear=2014&educationActivityInstanceId=cd0e3a1c-2a48-4629-ae68-c4534d551c2d|here]] Read the lastest assignment description on OASE [[http://www.onderwijs.tue.nl/Activiteiten/Pages/Informatie.aspx?coursecode=DBB211&educationyear=2015|here]]
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 *[[https://iprototype.nl/products/accessoires/books/getting-started-in-electronics|Getting started in Electronics - Forrest Mims]]
 *[[https://iprototype.nl/products/accessoires/books/making-things-talk|Making things talk - Tom Igoe]]
 *[[https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5jcnBPSPWQyaTU1OW5NbVJQNW8/edit|Getting started in Electronics - Forrest Mims (pdf)]]
 *[[http://www.hangar.org/docs/docs_lab/Making_Things_Talk_PDF.pdf|Making things talk - Tom Igoe (pdf)]]
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 * [[http://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/|Electronics tutorials]]
 * [[http://e.lucid.cc/|E-Lucid electronics shop]]
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  * [[http://www.tue.nl/staff/chen|Wei Chen]]

Welcome to Creative Electronics.

Read the lastest assignment description on OASE here

Number of Students


Learning Activities

The learning activities include: Power sources, Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Ohm's Law, Kirchof's Laws, Norton, Thevenin, Diodes, Leds, Transistor as a switch, Opamp basics, Comparators, Digital electronics, Sensors & Actuators, Arduino, Drawing circuits, Building prototypes, Measurement equipment and techniques.


  • Weekly exercises.
  • An attractive report on the practical assignments, half-way the assignment.
  • A working central heating prototype.
  • A working prototype of a mini-project of your choice.
  • Good attitude and effort.



The Creative Electronics reader



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