Mess layout in Login Module when JD-Wiki

There's a problem with the JD-wiki stylesheets overriding those of Joomla.

I noticed this in the Joomla 'Login form' block. The text is bold and misaligned, but only when when the JD-wiki page is selected. This happens on all templates.

A simple fix is to edit \joomla\components\com_jd-wiki\lib\tpl\default\design.css

This fixes the Joomla login problem and doesn't make the dokuwiki login look particularly messy. Personally, I'm going to force "Remember me" at Joomla login - as detailed in another thread - and remove the link to JD-wiki's independent login, since a single login is my desired goal.

"Recent" plugin for the RSS feeds

The “recent” plugin does not work (in both 1.0 and 1.01 release). to fix, add a line after “global global $mosConfig_absolute_path;” in components/com_jd-wiki/lib/plugins/recent/syntax.php:


to include html functions.

Broken Trace

Nice wiki component. Just a small problem: the trace (breadcrumbs) is broken. Without the trace, dokuwiki is really hard to navigate. Just to clarify myself, the trace only shows the last visited page, not by default 10 pages.

Answering myself. Just figure out how to make to breadcrumbs work. in components/com_jd-wiki/jd-wiki.php, before the line “breadcrumbs()”, add a line “session_start();”. cheers.

Bad style in media popup

in components/com_jd-wiki/lib/tpl/default/media.php after <?php tpl_metaheaders()?> add:

 <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo $mosConfig_live_site.'/templates/vcwi-blue/css/template_css.css' ?>" type="text/css"/>

note vcwi-blue to be changed to current template.

and <body> change to <body style="text-align:left;">.

Bad css style for the buttons

to remove form background behind buttons, add the following to components/com_jd-wiki/lib/tpl/default/design.css:

div.secedit form, form.button {
  border: none;
  margin: 0;
  display: inline;
  background: transparent;

The searchbox (when I stay there with the mouse) gives me an "Direct Acces to this locatio is not allowed" message.

Search works now, have update the package. You need to run once components/com_jd-wiki/lib/exe/indexer.php to activate in your footer.html add at the bottom:

<?php tpl_indexerWebBug()?>

Now indexing works and you can search.

Just FYI, the footer.html template is located under /www/joomla/components/com_jd-wiki/lib/tpl/default/

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