Glossary 1.8

In /mambots/content/glossarbot.php, after

        function makeLink (&$entry, &$parm, $defaultHTML) {
                $orgTerm = $entry['term'];
                $desc = $entry['desc'];


$desc = '<div>'.$desc.'</div>';

to wrap the description with div tags such that the template font can be used.

GlossarBot 1.9 with IE

It appears that the error is in line 16-19 in the gloassarbot.php file:

if (mosGetParam($_REQUEST, 'task', '') != "edit") {
echo overlibInitCall ();

It appears that the script is checking to see if (I am guessing) I DO NOT have edit rights.

The overlibInitCall (); is what chucks into the webpage the script code to pop up the text.


The mosCommonHTML::loadOverlib() is the portion that is commented out in the file.

This line is what is needed for IE. Uncomment it out, things start working again.

I have no clue if I broke something else yet. Tried posting new terms and it seems to be fine.

Alright, I find half an hour to dig into the “direct access ...” thing. It is a problem of direct access to /components/com_jd-wiki/lib/exe/ajax.php. To fix it, I just followed what Predator did in media.php. Replace

defined( '_VALID_MOS' ) or die( 'Direct Access to this location is not allowed.' );


define( '_VALID_MOS', 1 );

include_once( '../../../../globals.php' );
require_once( '../../../../configuration.php' );
require_once( '../../../../includes/joomla.php' );

and in function ajax_qsearch(), replace




Happily ever after :)

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