Log week 14



We've filtered and combined the "Last three" concepts/ideas. Most important conclusions :

Log week 13


Coach meeting with Jun Hu. Minutes on Dc222Home/MeetingMinutes


Interim meeting. Minutes on Dc222Home/MeetingMinutes


Preparing for interim meeting

Log week 12

Working out the concepts and make drawings. All for the interim presentation

Log week 11


Meeting with Philip Ross

Coaches meeting

Minutes on the minutes page

Wednesday and Thursday

From research to concepts

We took the most important links of our research as input for our concepts. The concepts spread from very feasable to far fetched. The concepts (that are now linked to the reseach) still need to be categorysized. This will happen next Monday and Tuesday


Defining the most important links from our research for our concept

From the scheme we made we took what we found the nost important / interesting links of our project. For these links we stated what was already on the market and what we could do with it so that it could be implemented in one of our concepts.


Linking the research

We linked the different kinds of research done in a map this map is the starting point for our concepts. The most important key words of this map are: Experience, interaction, activity and spatial distribution. In these terms our research comes together


Log week 10

The goal of this week is to better define the research conclusions and to have a number of "concept ideas" that can be worked out in further detail in week 11 and 12


Coaches meeting



Today we'd planned a meeting with Stepahn Wensveen. Unfortunately he wasn't able to come. That's why we've chosen to work on the refinement of the research today. We made a diagram that states in which are doing research.


JanvanderAsdonk worked on movies and games.The summary is on his personal page

RutgerMenges worked on the software that we are going to use in our project. The summary is on his personal site.

LilianAdmiraal worked on the relevant technology that is available and the development of this technology (from a small TV then, to a widescreen 7.1 system now to ...... in the future)

LaurieScholten worked on the home environment


Evaluation of the workshop of lasat monday. Results:


spacial distribution


social relations


What we discovered during the workshop

* When multiple people (Who do not know each other) are in a room they distribute the space evenly

* when you change the perspective you feel a change in your role. From observer to the observed * It makes a grate difference in experience when you face the other people in the room, or when you're standing back to back * You can switch between seeing details and seeing the whole picture

* You are tempted to form groups, but you respect each others personal space. * The better your relationship is with the people you're in a room with, the smaller your personal space should be.

You're tempted to whatch in the direction in which your (other) senses are stimulated

conclusions for our project

The current spacial distribution in the living room doesn't invite the audience for activity. The room is in balance with the audience sitting on the one side of the room and the television standing on the other side of the room. A different distribution might evoke the audience to be more active (like a television in the middle of the room or a screen behind the couch as well.

Playing with perspective gives different experiences. This can give the user a feeling of involvement (the user can play with perspective)

For us the personal space isn't of that big influence. We assume that the people in the living room have got a good reletionship with each other.

We want to play with the senses. We can use the senses to attrackt the attention of the audience and to let them make choises (i.e. where do I want to look at? The mouce that I hear on the right or the light flashes that I see coming from behind me)


Workshop with sietske klooster. We worked with:

Log week 9

The goal of this week was to do research to modern dance and theatre and their (possible) similarities to our project. And to do research to modern media, to see what already has been done.

RutgerMenges and LaurieScholten worked on the theatre and dance.

LilianAdmiraal and JanAsdonk worked on modern media

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